FORME – The Italian Cheese event is an exhibition dedicated to the national dairy art.

Thanks to its European primacy, with 9 D.O.P dairy products produced in the Orobic chief town’s territory (Italy has totally 53 D.O.P.) and the success received in the previous editions, Bergamo and the Lombardy Region are leaders of a project of international development and promotion of the entire Italian dairy chain.

Three days of activities, market-exhibitions, workshop, contests and free meetings available to the public in the spectacular scenery of Bergamo Upper Town.

Forme is a network project which was born in 2015 from which they originated a series of marketing territory activities which gave to Bergamo in 2019 the award as Unesco Creative City for the gastronomy and in 2021 there was the foundation of the Italian gastronomy district with the other Creative cities of Alba and Parma.

The main aims are to: